Granular Stabilisation

Granular Stabilisation involves the mixing of two or more materials to modify the engineering properties such as the Californian Bearing Ratio (CBR), the particle size distribution (PSD) and/or the Plasticity (PI) to “manufacture” materials with properties equal to or better than unbound granular materials used by conventional methods. This type of stabilisation is predominantly used in the subgrade improvement and/or embankment works and has applications in all infrastructure types from roads, industrial storage areas, container depots, railway lines and aircraft pavements.

WA Stabilising has the expertise to help you engineer the optimum proportions for the granular stabilisation applications to achieve the required engineering properties and/or specifications.

Some examples of materials that may be deficient in certain engineering properties are:- Poorly graded pavement gravels and engineered fill materials

  • Wind and/or river deposited sands
  • Silty sands, sandy clays, silty clays
  • Crusher run products
  • Waste quarry materials
  • Industrial by-products
  • Highly plastic materials