Moisture Optimisation (Wet Mixing)

In almost all cases the materials in pavement layers and embankments need to be compacted at or near the optimum moisture content (OMC) to achieve the highest possible dry density. WA Stabilising’s process of moisture conditioning involves one of our modern stabilising machines that is connected with a large water tanker.  The water is accurately and consistently injected into the material by a purpose built water injection spraybar that is controlled by a microprocessor utilising the forward speed of the stabilising machine.  This process and level of control eliminates the need to rework the material and increases the processed area per day by a factor of at least 10 when compared to conventional grader mixing. In summary, our process directly results in significantly reduced plant, construction time, fuel and water consumption while maximizing density and achievable bearing capacity. 

Benefits of Water Injection / Moisture Conditioning

  • Allows efficient and consistent compaction through achieving target moisture contents
  • Precise and accurate metering of the injected water throughout the layer
  • Fast and efficient process significantly faster the conventional grader placement/mixing
  • Can be used on new pavement constructions or pavement rehabilitations
  • Ability to be used in-conjunction with a stabilising binder
  • Allow areas of poor existing geometrics or ride quality to be remediated and re-compacted to optimum density