Pavement Engineering

The performance requirements of each pavement is different, additionally each material type has its own unique properties and characteristics.  It is important to ensure that the binder type and content is optimised using laboratory based reactivity testing, to ensure long term pavement performance while minimising construction costs.  Furthermore, laboratory based mix design testing allows for benchmarking of the modified materials and for any issues to be ironed out well in advance to construction.

WA Stabilising has staff that have been in the forefront of the Foamed Bitumen technology over the past 15 years who can offer local and global experience to our clients.

Pavement Investigation, Assessment and Rehabilitation Design Report

WA Stabilising has the expertise to carry out visual inspections and detailed pavement investigations to determine the cause of the pavement deterioration.  From this information, together with laboratory based stabilisation agent optimisation, the pavement rehabilitation design is carried out using both Austroads and International design guides to provide the best engineered solution for a sustainable rehabilitated pavement.

Optimisation of Stabilisation Agents

WA Stabilising, together with NATA accredited geotechnical laboratories, carry out the laboratory based testing to characterise the aggregate to be stabilised and optimise the type and content of stabilising agent(s) to satisfy the engineering properties required by the rehabilitated pavement design.  Laboratory determined properties such as the Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCS), the Indirect Tensile Strength (ITS) and the shear parameters determined by triaxial testing are used by our pavement designer to come up with the most appropriate engineered solution for our clients.

Research and Development

WA Stabilising is actively involved with and supports various Tertiary Institutions in order to discover, research and develop existing as well as new stabilisation techniques and agents.  This knowledge is applied on various projects to deliver the most cost effective and sustainable Material Stabilisation and Pavement Recycling solution.  We also provide extensive post construction performance monitoring, assessment and reporting.