Our Wirtgen WR2400 / WR 240 and WR 200 Stabilisers are high powered In Situ Stabilising machines that are able to stabilise all types of subgrade and pavement materials at widths of either 2m or 2.4m to a depth to any depth required by the client. The maximum depth of 500mm, which these stabilisers are capable of, far exceeds the depth of what can be effectively compacted. Our fleet of Stabilisers has been tailored to carry out all stabilising applications including granular stabilisation, wet mixing and conventional stabilisation, which only require water spray systems, to adding bituminous binders in both forms being Bitumen Emulsion and Foamed Bitumen. WA Stabilising is the only WA based stabilising contractor that has two stabilisers equipped with the highly specialised Foamed Bitumen spray system to ensure the required backup and capacity to deal with this ever growing application.


WA Stabilising’s Streumaster MC20 Binder Spreaders are considered to be the most advanced binder spreader available globally. Additionally WA Stabilising maintains one of the only specially designed Streumaster designed for spreading low application rates at safe operating speeds. All of WA Stabilising’s Streumaster have been specified with Streumaster innovative software `WeighTronic’ which constantly compares the design application rate against the actual quantity/area spread. Furthermore the spreader increases /decrease application on the binder relative to the ground speed of the spreader ensuring accurate and consistent application of binder.

Some of the additional features are:

  • Three individual, self-cleaning rotary valves allow flexibility in spread widths
  • Fully computer controlled from cab via touch screen
  • Dustless transferring of product with integrated automatic filtering system
  • Measurement / recording of binder application via integrated load cells
  • WeighTronic management system allows fully automated spreading with continuous evaluation of application relative to area and speed.